Energy Resources Integration (ERI) has partnered with Willdan to implement the California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program, the successor to the California Savings by Design program. The CEDA program is an energy efficiency resource for new construction and major alteration projects for customers serviced by any of California’s investor-owned utilities (PG&E®, SCE®, SoCalGas®, or SDG&E®). The goal of the CEDA program is to facilitate the adoption of energy efficient design.

Our team has extensive experience working with dairy farmers and processing facilities across the state. Our staff is passionate about helping you achieve your energy efficiency goals. We have dedicated professionals to assist you in identifying energy efficiency opportunities in your facility designs while simultaneously navigating the ever-changing rules and legislation around energy efficiency programs in California.


What You Can Expect

Our services are offered to our clients at no cost. ERI helps our clients in the following ways:

  • Detailed analysis of a facility’s design and equipment
  • Detailed energy models to provide recommended design modifications1
  • Pre-installation incentive reports and documentation to the utility provider
  • Project management through the utility’s technical review process
  • Installation support
  • M&V activities2
  • Post-installation incentive reports and documentation to the utility provider
  • Facilitate delivery of the incentive check

1Energy models are developed to achieve energy savings while maintaining or improving product quality and throughput
2 Measurement and verification


Dairy Farmers


Common Project and Measures for the Dairy Market

  • Integrating Variable Speed Drive for milking vacuum pumps into facility design
  • Adding a “pre-cooler” to cool milk prior to refrigeration
  • Increasing vacuum systems efficacy using regular maintenance tune-ups
  • Replacing ventilation fans for higher efficiency models
  • Upgrading to more efficient lighting
  • Adopting regular ventilation fan cleaning measures
  • Selecting properly sized energy efficient electrical motors
  • Switching to energy efficient feed storage/delivery systems


The sooner CEDA engineers become involved in a project, the greater the potential incentive can be!


Project Eligibility

To qualify for the program, the potential project must be serviced by a California investor-owned utility (PG&E®, SCE®, SoCalGas®, or SDG&E®) and be in design phase.


Financing Options

Clients who choose to participate in the CEDA program may qualify for unique financing opportunities available through their utility provider and the state of California. These include Go-green financing.


How Are Rebates and Incentive Amounts Determined?

Project incentives are calculated by the amount of energy savings generated from the original design of the project. Additionally, the current efficiency of a customer’s facility is compared to the baseline code.

Contact ERI today to see how your project can qualify for these financing opportunities and how the CEDA program can aid in offsetting capital costs while simultaneously reducing your facility, operational costs.


Contact us today to learn more about these programs and how they can benefit your projects!

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