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Willdan, implementer of the California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program, provides complimentary whole building energy design assistance and financial incentives to offset the cost of implementing energy-efficient strategies for multifamily and commercial new construction. 

Our team of energy specialists align to your project goals and customize energy efficiency options to maximize energy savings and incentives. 

When you make informed decisions on energy-efficient design options that exceed the efficiency standards of a code-constructed building, you and your clients benefit with financial savings year over year. 


40% incentive kicker for grid constrained and subsidized affordable housing projects 


Benefits of CEDA


Trusted Energy Consultants


Project Eligibility

  • In early design phases 
  • Located in a Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E®), SCE®, SoCalGas®, or SDG&E® service territory with an eligible rate structure 
  • Project team interest and commitment to evaluating energy efficiency options 
  • New construction or a major alteration 

Major alterations must meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Changes in space function (building or space occupancy type of change) 
  • Substantial changes (≥30%) in design occupancy (square feet per person) 
  • Increase (≥10%) in conditioned floor area 
  • Any expansion or addition of substantial process or conditioning load to an existing facility 
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