Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives

Explore financial incentives available from California utility partners to help offset the upfront cost of decarbonization strategies.

Photo credit: Jeff Durkin, Borrego Springs Library

Decarbonization Incentives

For qualified projects, CEDA offers financial incentives to help offset the costs of decarbonization measures. Potential electrification incentives available from your local utility partner are highlighted in the customized energy report provided after the discovery call.

Design Team Incentives

The CEDA team understands that design teams are stretched thin on time and budget, but that doesn’t mean decarbonization needs to be put on the back burner. Incentives for project design teams are now available, on top of the incentives your project will get for implementing decarbonization measures!

High Performance Incentives

CEDA offers incentives to reward buildings of the future that implement high performance measures and electrification. Incentives are also available for the installation of traditional above code minimum energy efficiency measures. The amount of savings is calculated during the free analysis.

Time for Action

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